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John Henrik Clarke  Cyril L. R. James




The John Henrik Clarke–C. L. R. James African World Research Institute, a not-for-profit organization, was founded 1999 in  response to the imperative to advance the Pan-Africanist ideal. John Henrik Clarke (1915-1998) and Cyril Lionel Robert James (1901-1989) are among the venerated Pan-Africanists of the twentieth century, and as such,  we saw it appropriate to dedicate our work in honor of these two personages. By virtue of its name and fundamental philosophy, the John Henrik Clarke–C. L. R. James African World Research Institute has dedicated its energies toward the reclamation of the historical union among the liberated and African-conscious peoples of Africa and the Diaspora. Further, the research and all relations of this institute consider all people of African ancestry as one global nation, regardless of their geographic location and dominating European lexicon used in their communicative expression. By maintaining the ideals of Pan-Africanism and advancing the work bequeathed to us by these two intellectual giants and others, the institute has assured the next generation of Africans an equally valuable legacy. Equally important, too, all people from the world at large need to know the truth about the African presence and contributions.

Commediaversity Annex:

The word Commediaversity is a coinage from three words: community, media and university. This concept is concretized in the public community and university forums (Town Meetings), and our television show (Sankofa Review).

The television show Sankofa Review is consistent with the John Henrik Clarke–C. L. R. James African World Research Institute’s mission of equal access to education by means of a variety of processes, including life-long learning for all its community citizenry, globally.  In this regard, Sankofa Review is a vehicle by which the philosophy of the Institute can be realized for the population the John Henrik Clarke–C. L. R. James African World Research Institute serves and the community in which it is situated, Central Brooklyn and East Atlantic Coast of the United States of America.  Sankofa Review serves the John Henrik Clarke–C. L. R. James African World Research Institute, which has a history of being a focal point for the African Diaspora.  Under the canopy of Sankofa Review, the mission is to engage the citizenry (community and university), and the world community at large, in collective discourse about issues for which they have the greatest concern, the African World.  Our guests are drawn from among the outstanding cadre of African scholars and thinkers: from the continent and the Diaspora.  We are international ambassadors for the African World and the world at large, as it were.

Objectives of the John Henrik Clarke–C .L .R James African World Research Institute and its Annex:

·        To address the dearth of consistent information about the African World for citizens of the university and community who want a forum;

  • These extra curricular activities are intended to provide life-long learning African-centered information;
  • To cull, present and disseminate research about the African World to the collective public; and
  • To serve as a vehicle for bridging the constituencies of students, faculty, and African World community residents.


  • Sankofa Review serves as a vehicle for bridging the constituencies of students, faculty and the African World community residents.
  • Town Meetings & Symposia
  • Tributes
  • World Conferences  

Town Meetings & Symposia

1999   African People Respond  to Wonders of  the Africa World  with Henry Louis Gates, November 1999, with co-sponsor Black Women's International Cross Cultural Institute.

Featured Speakers: Dr. Yosef ben Jochannan, Prof. William Mackey, Jr., Prof James Small, Dr. Aisha Samad,  Camille Yarborough, Dr. Jack Felder, Gil Noble,  and Dr. Leonard Jeffries. Brooklyn, New York.

2000   Town Meeting & Symposium, featuring:  Dr. Ivan Van Sertima  & Dr. Lily Golden, March, 2000 Celebrating They Came Before Columbus and Alexander Pushkin, with featured Artist Adisa from Barbados. Brooklyn, New York
2000   Town Meeting & Symposium,  Tribute to Our Living  Legendary  Scholars, December 2000,  with Dr. Ben, Prof. William Mackey, Jr., Dr. Gabriel Oyibo, Prof. Ivor Baker, and David Greaves. Brooklyn, New York.
2001    Town Meeting & Symposium,  Ebonics and Language Education of African Ancestry Students, May 2001, with Dr. Ernie Smith, and Dr. Kimani Nehusi. Brooklyn, New York.
2001   Town Meeting & Symposium  Meeting of the African Minds, November  2001,  with  Prof. James Small, Dr. Ben, and Dr. Leonard Jeffries. Brooklyn, New York.
2002   Town Meeting,  Black  History Month Celebration , February 2002,  with Dr. Ben, Dr. Jon Yasin, Prof. Jane Kerina & Tehut-Nine. Brooklyn, New York.
2003   Black History Month with Dr. Keith GilyardFebruary 2003.  Brooklyn, New York
2003   Town Meeting & Symposium. Meeting of the African Minds II, November 2003 with  Leonard Jeffries, Dr. Ben and Prof. James Small. Brooklyn, New York 
2004   Egypt Revisited  Lecture Series  with Dr. Clinton Crawford, October and  November. Brooklyn, New York.
2005   Egypt Revisited Lecture Series (cont'd) with Dr. Clinton Crawford, February, March, April and May.  Brooklyn, New York. 
2007   World Premiere Screening, Another Look at Egypt, with Dr. Clinton Crawford, October 25, 2007, Brooklyn, Medgar Evers College, CUNY.
2008   World Premiere Screening John Henrik Clarke: A Decade Later, October 25,  2008
2011   Documentary Screening. Ghana: Land of Gold, Nov. 11, 2011, Brooklyn, NY


2000   Imperatives of His Legacy  2nd Annual Tribute  to Dr. John Henrik Clarke, July  2000: with Sister Sybil Williams-Clarke, Regent Adelaide Sanford, Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz, Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Dr. James Turner, and Dr. Rosalind Jeffries. Brooklyn, New York
2001   Imperatives of His Legacy 3rd Annual Tribute  to Dr. John Henrik Clarke , July 2001: with Solomon Goodrich,  Sister Sybil Williams-Clarke, Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan, Gil Noble, Dr. Donald Smith, Herb Boyd, and Dr. Leonard Jeffries. Brooklyn, New York
2002   Tribute  to Dr. Ivan Sertima, January 2002 , with featured speakers: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan, Dr. Asa Hilliard, III, Dr. Jan Carew, Prof. Wayne Chandler, Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Bro. Runoko Rashidi, and Dr. Charles Finch. Brooklyn, New York.
    4th Annual Tribute to Dr. John Henrik Clarke: Celebration of His Legacy, July 2002 with  Sister Sybil Williams-Clarke, Dr. Ben, Gil Noble, Earl King 
2002   Tribute to Dr. Ben,  November  2002, Sister. Sybil Williams-Clarke, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Sister Miriam Francis, Prof. James Small, Dr. Arthur Lewis, Drs. Leonard & Rosalind Jeffries, Dr. James McIntosh, Brother Gil Noble.  Brooklyn, New York.
2003   5th Annual Tribute  to Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Theme: The Instructions of John Henrik Clarke, July 2003 with Sister Sybil Williams-Clarke, Bro. Del Jones, and Dr. Ben.  Brooklyn, New York.
2003   Tribute  to Prof. William Mackey, Jr. November  2003 with Sis. Sybil Williams-Clarke, Sister Kefa, Dr. Ben Dr. Jack Felder, Dr. Bobby Pollard, Sis. Eugenia Baines,  Mother Franklin, David Greaves, Min. Clemson Brown, and  Sister Gloria Walker.  Brooklyn, New York.
2004   6th Annual Tribute  to  Dr. John Henrik Clarke , July  2004, Theme: Understanding the role of John Henrik Clarke in the African World with Dr. Barbara Wheeler, Dr. Carlos Russell, Bro. Elombe Brath, Dr. James McIntosh, Bro. Gil Noble, Hon. Charles Barron, Dr. Jack Felder, Prof. Yaa-Lengi Ngemi, and Dr. James  Conyers. New York, New York.
2005   7th Annual Tribute  to Dr. John Henrik Clarke, July 2005. Speakers Sister Sybil Williams Clarke, Dr. Ben, and Film Festival  with John Henrik Clarke: African Diary and The Meaning of Malcolm X. Brooklyn, New York.
2006   8th Annual Tribute Dr. John Henrik Clarke, July 2006,  Brooklyn, NY.
2009   Tribute to Dr.'s John Henrik Clarke & Ivan Van Sertima, Oct. 2009, Brooklyn, NY

World Conferences

2006   Re-educating  the African in  the 21st Century: Through Balance, Peace and Justice , July 2006 with featured speakers, Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz, USA; Sybil Williams-Clarke, USA; Prof. Barrow-Giles, UWI Cave Hill; Christopher Williams, China; Dr. Surye, Malaysia; Hon. David Karimanzira, Zimbabwe. et al.  Aswan, Egypt, Northeast Africa


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