Ethiopia Tour

December 27, 2017 to January 8, 2018

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This Nile Valley educational study tour to  Ethiopia takes us to the holy land where time began and the birthplace of Dinknesh–the mother of all mankind. Ethiopia still holds the distinction as the place of Orthodox Christianity and the victorious Battle of Adwa.  Join us as we visit Addis Ababa; in Axum, marvel at the tallest standing tekenu (obelisk) and the palace of Queen Makeda (aka the Queen of Sheba), see the St Mary of Zion Church which houses the Ark of the Covenant; walk through the magnificent  rock-cut monolithic churches at Lalibela; in Gondar, visit Emperor Fasiladas' Castles, Bathhouse and the church of Debre Berhan Selassie adorned with painted Black angels on the ceiling; explore archeological sites in the Awash Valley, visit Yeha and the Temple of the Moon.  Marvel at Ethiopia's breathtaking landscapes, mountainscapes, colorful sunsets, wonderful climate; enjoy the indigenous people, the food, spices, market more... places, and friendly service  from a proud people and much

    Trip cost:  $3,995.00


Tour Includes:


Addis Ababa


Bahir Dar




Awash Valley









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