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John Henrik Clarke Students

IDS 320-050


"True education has one purpose and one purpose alone: to train the student to be a responsible handler of power. We live in a society where, if we were properly educated, we would not ask for power. We would take power."

- John Henrik Clarke


Clarke Course

Web Assignment

JHC on MySpace






Web Assignment (#8 on Syllabus) for John Henrik Clarke Students -  Students can build

their own page for the Medgar Evers College community and the world wide web constituencies. This

page can include, but not limited to, audio and video files from Dr. Clarke suitable for web casting,

photo gallery of Dr. Clarke, your reflections and analysis of Dr. Clarke’s vast body of work, and

any other creative ways of presenting John Henrik Clarke. This assignment will be published on

the web and updated periodically.  (20 points)