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 Ethiopia Tour Highlights

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   By Reba Ashton Crawford


 Salemta!  Let us share a few photos that highlight part of our exciting journey to Ethiopia. Enjoy!

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Black Angels guarding the door to the

Holy of Holies

We took a boat ride to a peninsula on Lake Tana in the city of Bahir Dar.  A trek uphill took us to the Ura Kidane Mihret Monastery where we witnessed  amazing paintings illustrating the stories and icons of the Bible.  Historian John Henrik Clarke often said that our image of God should look like us.  It was refreshing to see images of African deities....especially the ones with afros.






Tissisat Falls is a cascade of sheer beauty flowing from the Blue  Nile River.  The name means "water that smokes" and it is indeed a sight to behold.  The sound of her roar is powerful and her drop is about 150 ft.






St. George's Church in Lalibela: The Eighth Wonder of the World


The most famous of the 11 rock-hewn churches commissioned by Ethiopia's King Lalibela during the 12th century.  Cut in the shape of a Christian cross, it was built as part of Ethiopia's "New Jerusalem."  


Palace of Emperor Fasiladas

Emperor Fasiladas' Castle was built in 1632 in Gondar.  It's part of a complete compound built in the 17th Century.

People usually associate castles with Medieval Europe, but Africans were certainly building these impressive structures as well.

Wall paintings in the church of

Debre Birhan Selassie

 Magnificent frescoes and paintings blanket the walls of this  small church in the city of Gondar.  They depict religious  icons and Biblical history as seen through the eyes  of  Ethiopians. 





Emperor Fasilidas' Bath House


This is where the annual Timket Festival takes place on January 19th (or 20th on a leap year) to celebrate the Epiphany, Jesus' baptism in the Jordan River.   Pilgrims travel from all over the country to submerge themselves into the water blessed by the priests for rejuvenation, healing and to renew their baptismal vows.


Yes, we really were up that high...



Ancient book in Asheten Mariam Monastery





On the way to Asheten Mountain...

In Lalibela, a few of us determined travelers journeyed 12,000 ft above sea level partly by foot up Asheten Mountain where we visited the Asheten Mariam Monastery. The climb was not for the faint of heart, but the physical challenge was well worth the victory of making it to the top. 

The elders in the group took the mountain by storm

Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa


Christmas Eve service at Trinity Cathedral...before it got crowded. I can still hear that awesome singing and drumming reminiscent of the old time African-American styled "Dr. Watts" hymns.

Making breakfast...

In route to Gondar, we stopped at a roadside village to watch and partake in the making of a traditional Ethiopian flat bread called injera.



Tekenu (stelae) compound in the city of Axum (300-500

AD).  In 2005 the Italians finally returned the one stolen by Mussolini's troops in 1937 (the tall one in the middle).





While in Axum...

You have to check out William & Alemzehui Sears, owners of Yohannes International Restaurant. She's from Axum and he's from Tennessee. They're super nice and the food is off the chain.



All Hail the Queens...


A few sisters from our group stand proudly inside the palace remains of Makeda, the Queen of Sheba.  So awesome!


In the Awash Valley the stones speak...


There lies a stela compound that pre-dates Christianity.  In Tiya, this important UNESCO archeological site has 32 ancient stela.  Thus far archeologists only speculate about what the stones symbols mean as it relates to Ethiopian culture.




Ethiopian Smoothies... layers of pureed mango and avocado.  Absolutely divine.



Traditional Ethiopian cuisine.  Delicious.





Standing on the palace balcony of Menelik II

Emperor Menelik II made his way onto the pages of world history when under his reign, Ethiopia soundly defeated the Italian military in the 1896 Battle of Adwa.  He and his wife, Empress Taitu, established their palace on the hills of Mount Entoto overlooking Addis Ababa.



Enjoying Culture Night


The beauty of Ethiopia is that the culture is highly valued and they enjoy sharing it with visitors.  During Culture Night, we dine on delicious Ethiopian cuisine while songs and dances from different Ethiopian ethnic groups are performed.  You just might be pulled up on the stage to join them!






We wear the crown...

The gold crowns of African royalty.  We are indeed descendents of kings and queens.




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It would be almost impossible to chronicle the entire experience of our Ethiopian journey. It is immensely rich both historically and culturally and we are inspired with every trip to this beautiful country.  Every person of African ancestry should try to visit Ethiopia at least once in his or her lifetime. 

For more information about our next tour to Ethiopia scheduled for Dec 27, 2018 to Jan 8, 2019, please call us at (718)756-8904 or email us at


We would love to have you join us!


    Photo Credits: 

Reba & Clinton Crawford

Kendra H. Barber (Menelik Palace Balcony & Ethiopian Smoothies)


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