Egypt Study Tour

July 14 - July 28, 2021

Trip Cost:  $3,995

(based on double occupancy)

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During the study tour, group members will have the  opportunity to visit many of the ancient sites of Kemet (Egypt) as per our itinerary.  First though, an introduction to this branch of the Nile Valley culture is instructive. Nile Valley culture is one of the oldest manifestations of high culture and civilization in Africa along the banks of the world's first super cultural highway, the Nile River. Because we know so much about Egypt as compared to its precursors, Ethiopia and Nubia, there is the tendency to view Egypt as an overnight sensation. No where else in the world has pharaonic culture flourished so successfully as in Egypt.  The main reason for this unmatchable and successful pharaonic practice in ancient Egypt (Ta-Merry) was because the Nubians (Ta-Setians) were responsible  for its installation in Egypt.  Before  the Egyptians, the Nubians  practiced the pharaonic worldview including  spirituality, cosmological, royal practices, writing, sciences, art and architecture.


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The evidence of some of these practices was clearly illustrated on the Archaic Horus Incense Burner uncovered at  cemetery L in Qustul, Nubia.  The ancient Egyptians  credited their forebears who came from the souththe source of the Nilefor the way of life bequeathed  to them. Further, the Ethiopians proclaimed that the Egyptians were one of their colonies which was brought into Egypt by Osiris.   It was from them that the Egyptians learned to honor kings and gods and bury them with such pomp. Sculpture and writing were invented by the Ethiopians. (Anta Diop, 1974, pp.1-2)





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