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 Ethiopia Tour 2019 - Itinerary



Thu. Dec 27 (Day 1)

Depart Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark, New Jersey. Meals on flight.


Fri. Dec 28 (Day 2)

Arrive in the capital city of Addis Ababa (evening) be met at the airport. Hotel check-in.


Sat. Dec 29 (Day 3)

City tour of Addis Ababa. Visit the National Museum to see remains of Dinknesh (Lucy), dating 3.5 million years; Trinity Cathedral, known for its notable paintings, murals, beautiful stained glass windows and tombs of prominent figures including Emperor Haile Selassie & his wife, Empress Menen Asfaw; visit the Ethnological Museum; Mount Entoto to see stupendous view of the city and visit Mercato, the largest open-air marketplace in Africa. FLIGHT TO BAHIR DAR. Hotel check-in. (B/D)


Sun. Dec 30 (Day 4)

Bahir Dar is located on the shores of Lake Tana. In the afternoon, take a boat ride over Lake Tana to visit the ancient island Monastery of Ura Kidane Mihret containing frescos and elaborately painted walls depicting Biblical narratives and history. See the tankwas which resemble the papyrus boats carved on the temples of Egypt. Hotel check-in. (B/D)


Mon. Dec 31 (Day 5)

Early breakfast at the hotel. SCENIC DRIVE TO GONDAR. Hotel check-in. Visit the magnificent castles of African monarch, King Fasiladas. See the King’s palaces, residences, and baths used for the annual Timket or Epiphany celebration. Visit the Church of Debre Birhan Selassie (Light of the Trinity) to see African frescos/murals and Ethiopian religious icons; Visit the African Agaw, Beta Israel–Falasha people–descendants of Solomon and Queen Makeda (Queen of Sheba). (B/D)


Tue. Jan 1 (Day 6)

FLIGHT TO LALIBELA. Hotel check in. Visit Ethiopia’s most famous rock-hewn churches, referred to by many as "Eighth Wonder of the World.” We will walk to the village through the complex bewildering labyrinth of underground tunnels to the monastery where the monks and nuns live. Evening traditional coffee ceremony. (B/D)


Wed. Jan 2 (Day 7)

Continue Lalibela sites. Visit second group of rock-hewn churches and surrounding sacred monasteries where holy water flows. Afternoon shopping and leisure time.  Optional excursion not included in the package price:  Trek 12,000 ft above sea level up to Asheten Mountain by mule & by foot to visit the Asheten Mariam Monastery. It requires physical fitness and mental readiness to complete the climb. (B/D)


Thu. Jan 3 (Day 8)

Early morning FLIGHT TO AXUM, transfer to hotel. Afternoon visit to the tallest standing tekenu (obelisk) hewn from a single piece of granite. See the granite stone tombs of the ancient Axumite Kings and the palace remains of Makeda, the Queen of Sheba. See the 16th century Cathedral of Mary Sion (St. Mary of Zion) that houses the Ark of the Covenant. See the Adwa Hills where Ethiopia handily defeated Italy at the Battle of Adwa in 1896. (B/D)


Fri. Jan 4 (Day 9)

Journey to the Tigray region to visit the mystical Yeha Temple of the Moon.  It was built more than 2,500 years ago and is believed to be the oldest surviving structure in Ethiopia. (B/D)


Sat. Jan 5 (Day 10)

FLIGHT TO ADDIS ABABA. Hotel check-in. Visit palace of Emperor Menelik II & Empress Taitu atop Entoto Mountain. Ethiopia won the Battle of Adwa against Italy under Menelik II’s reign. Enjoy a Culture Night party in traditional Ethiopian style. (B/D)


Sun. Jan 6 (Day 11)

Explore AWASH VALLEY sites. Drive to Melka Kunture in the Upper Awash Valley: Turkel Museum & open air museum featuring archeological sites. Visit UNESCO Tiya archeological sites with 32 stela & symbols of Ethiopian culture. Witness an inspiring Coptic Christmas Eve service at Trinity Cathedral. (B/D)


Mon. Jan 7 (Day 12)

Free day. Last minute shopping and leisure. (B/D)


Sun. Jan 8 (Day 13)

Morning departure from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and arrive in Newark, NJ (Liberty International Airport) in the evening with the memory of the sun and warmth of Ethiopia. (B)


B=Breakfast   D=Dinner


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