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by Reba Ashton-Crawford


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“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home.”  

                                                                                                                                                   – James Michener


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It seems that the motto of the ancient Egyptians was “Go big, or go home.” This is true of the marvelous architecture as well as several enormous personalities.  The Pyramids & the Sphinx are only two examples. Those great mountains of stone on the Giza plateau are a wonder to behold, but there’s so much more to Egypt.



The Step Pyramid at Saqqara was designed by the renowned architect Imhotep and commissioned by King Djoser.  It was the first structure made out of stone on the planet!




A visit to a Nubian village is a wonderful experience.  It’s customary for us to share school supplies and other small gifts with the Nubian children and teachers.  In turn, they share part of Nubian culture through food, song and dance with us. 




Fun on the Nile!  Our Nubian brothers drummed and danced with us as we sailed on the legendary river.  Fun facts:  The Nile River is the longest river in the world (4,258 miles in length).  It's one of the few rivers in the world that flows from south to north.




Abu Simbel, the site of one of the most sacred places in the world, is home to the amazing temple of Ramesses the Great and that of his favored wife, Nefertari.  Ramesses dedicated this temple to the gods Amun, Ptah, Ra-Horakhty, and of course, to himself. 




Dedicated to the goddess Hathor, the adjacent temple was built as an expression of love and adoration for Ramesses' beloved Queen Nefertari.  Now, that’s love.



The rock-cut Temple of Queen Hatshepsut emerges from the mountainside in the Valley of the Kings at Deir el Bahri. Even by today’s standards this multi-tiered structure is considered a modern marvel.  Dedicated to the goddess Hathor, the temple walls illustrate Hatshepsut's legitimacy to the throne; her skill as a politician; her diplomatic expeditions; and her connection to the gods.


Ladies from our Trinidad group at Hatshepsut's Temple




We were the first visitors ever to grace Queen Hatshepsut's temple by night. Several Egyptian officials along with the news media and paparazzi were there and asked to meet us. We were even on the local news the following day!


The Temple of Karnak, the largest temple in the world,  is truly a site to behold.  It took about 2000 years for every pharaoh from Egypt's Middle Kingdom onward to make an architectural contribution to this enormous temple.


Just being in the towering Hypostyle Hall of 134 columns and marveling at the endless hieroglyphs alone is worth the trip to Egypt.



Having big fun on camel back! You don't realize how tall those creatures are until you're standing next to one.  It has to completely kneel down on the ground to let a rider on its back.  Whoa Nelly!








The Kings List


The Temple at Abydos will leave you awestruck! You’ll see the beautifully painted reliefs on the temple walls as well as the famed 'Kings List,' which chronicles the names of all the pharaohs from beginning to end…except for the few that were deliberately omitted: Tutankhamen, the boy-king; Hatshepsut, the female who dared to take the throne; Akhenaton, the so-called 'heretic king' (who happens to be King Tut’s dad), and the Hyksos, the despised "foreign kings."  Ahh, politics…  they haven't changed much.


The Cairo Museum houses some of the most exquisite pieces of ancient Egyptian art in the world. It’s definitely a must-see while in Egypt.


King Tutankhamen's canopic jars


We hope you enjoyed some of our photos that highlighted just a few of the many sites we visited and experiences we had.  For many people, Egypt is on the "short list" of places to visit in the world.  We especially encourage people of African ancestry to visit this ancient land to see the groundwork of their forebears.



For more information about our next tour to  Egypt scheduled for July 14 to July 28, 2021, please call us at

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    Photo Credits: 

Reba & Clinton Crawford

K. Tindal (Camel Ride)

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